Mount Vernon Receives Subordinate Unit Inspection

Maj Claude Salch, MVCS Administrative Officer and Professional Development Officer (second from right), reviews programs with wing inspectors. Photo by Lt Col Mark Patrick.

On Thursday evening the wing aircrew meeting occurred as usual at Davison Army Airfield.  At the same time, a cadre of wing inspectors arrived to go through the Mount Vernon Composite Squadron’s key programs.

Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUIs) are conducted by region, wing or group headquarters on units subordinate to their headquarters. A wing may conduct an SUI on a group, squadron or flight within the wing. Likewise, a group headquarters may conduct an SUI on a squadron or flight within the group.  Specific details about scheduling and conducting Inspector General inspections, Staff Assistance Visits, SUIs and Self-Assessments are described in CAPR 123-3.

The program exists to protect the CAP organization by ensuring the various laws, rules, policies and agreements governing CAP programs are complied with. The program also helps its members meet the demands of CAP’s many rules, regulations and policies.

CAP personnel are volunteers, most of whom lead very busy professional and personal lives. These inspections insure that assets ultimately provided by the U.S. tax payer, as well as the many volunteers that make up the organization’s workforce, are handled consistently in the best possible way.  To ease the administrative burden of inspection programs, the wing has gradually moved most record keeping online, “to the cloud,” so that members can access information remotely, from home or office, or even on their smartphones and tablets.