New Automated Entry for Fort Belvoir

    MVCS Squadron senior members, cadets, parents, and NATCAP Wing Aircrew:

    The Fort Belvoir Public Affairs office passes on the following important information regarding a new automated system for getting on the base. Please prepare accordingly so you won’t encounter unexpected delays when trying to access the base in the future.

    “Beginning later this month Fort Belvoir will activate the Automated Installation Entry. The system enhances security measures by automating system scans of criminal and terror watch databases.

    The system automates processes that might otherwise be vulnerable to human error, such as missing expired identification cards or driver access restrictions.

    Registering DoD ID cards in the system can be accomplished by two methods. ID card holders may register through the Visitor Center at Tulley Gate or self-register at any gate by scanning the DoD ID card. Self-registrants will experience a brief delay while records are vetted.

    Non-DoD ID card holders must use the Visitor Center at Tulley for initial vetting. Once registered, visitors may scan their valid driver’s license to access the installation.

    At the automated entry pedestal, drivers will present their ID to scan, after successful checks against the databases the signal light will turn green and the arm will lift to allow passage. The arm will return quickly to the down position, preventing a second car from entering. Sensors at the gate are designed to prevent “piggy backing” of vehicles on a single ID card scan.

    Look for a detailed article in this week’s Belvoir Eagle newspaper, on the Belvoir website and at our official facebook page.”

Slide Show of USO’s Operation Community Connection

If you are viewing on a Flash capable device, you should be able to enjoy the musical slide show appearing below of last Saturday’s event at the Fort Belvoir USO.  You can also view it from its original location by clicking here.  Recommend going to full screen for best viewing.

Additional photos are available on USOmetroDC’s Facebook page.  Click here to view.  It was a special day filled with special people, and our CAP volunteers were pleased to be among them!

Slide show courtesy of Steven Swartz.  Additional photos by Becky
A. Gardner.

Cadets Volunteer at Operation Community Connection

On May 4, cadets and senior members from MVCS volunteered at Fort Belvoir’s USO Warrior and Family Center.  On a day full of sunshine, they mixed with military families from on base and nearby to showcase CAP and how it serves the community.

Operation Community Connection is an event open to all service members and their families, but was designed to be especially helpful for those in the deployment process or new to the community. The Air Force Honor Guard’s Drill Team performance was a major highlight of the day, along with music, clowns, food, prizes and more.

The Warrior and Family Center opened in February of 2013.  It is the largest USO center ever built and also the first of its kind:  a place designed for wounded, ill and injured troops, their family members and caregivers.

C/A1C Youngs and C/SrA Jurkoic working MVCS's CAP booth at USO's Operation Community Connection at Ft Belvoir, May 4, 2013.
C/SrA Jurkoic and C/A1C Youngs working MVCS’s CAP booth at USO’s Operation Community Connection at Ft Belvoir, May 4, 2013.
CAP - USO Operation Community Connection
2d Lt Patrick, C/SrA Jurkoic, C/A1C Youngs, Maj Held – A great team!