MVCS Receives Quality Cadet Unit Award for 2013-2014

QCUA_LogoOnce again Mount Vernon Composite Squadron earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award.  The requirements for this award are intended to motivate squadrons to pursue goals that CAP senior leadership believes will lead to vibrant Cadet Programs.

Some changes will come for next year’s award.  According to the Program Manager at CAP Headquarters, “We are also making a couple of adjustments to the criteria for the 2014 – 2015 term.  First, we are combining the AEX and STEM requirement.  Accomplishing either one will earn that criterion.  Second, we are increasing the Orientation Flight requirement to 70% from 60%.  We are at 66% nationally, so it’s time to raise the bar on that criterion.  Finally, with the addition of the Cyber requirement, we are increasing the number of items that need to be met by 1 to 6 out of the 10.”

299 units earned the title “Quality Cadet Unit” for 2013-2014.

MVCS Wins Quality Cadet Unit Award for 2013

Quality_Award__web_header_A94B478276543272 units earned the title “Quality Cadet Unit” for 2012-2013.  Once again Mount Vernon Composite Squadron was among the winners.  Click for a complete listing of awardees.

Any cadet unit that displays strong program fundamentals can earn the Quality Cadet Unit Award.  This award motivates squadrons to pursue goals that CAP senior leadership believes will inevitably lead to their having a vibrant Cadet Program.  The Quality Cadet Unit Award is purely objective.

Each September 8th, National Headquarters examines every cadet and composite squadron’s performance in nine specific criteria.  If the goals associated with five of the nine criteria are met, a unit automatically wins the award.  Criteria include adult leaders trained, aerospace excellence, cadet achievement, Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) programs, encampment participation, enrollment, growth, orientation flight completion, and retention.

Every cadet and composite squadron is automatically considered for the award – there is no application procedure necessary.