From the National Commander, Maj. Gen. Joseph Vazquez, “First and foremost we must focus on the application of sound Risk Management principles in every aspect of mission planning and decision making throughout CAP… Cadet Programs is working closely with our Safety staffs to ensure NCSAs, encampments, and all cadet activities are planned with safety risk management in mind… In Emergency Services we continue the task of examining every program and mission to ensure risk management is present at every step… In our flying missions you will see increased emphasis on flight release officers and aircrews working together closely and continuously to ensure they are aware of and dealing with mission hazards.” 

Most recent safety briefing – August 2016 Safety Brief

To receive credit for the briefing, your answers to the Review/Quiz questions must be emailed to the Squadron Safety Officer as indicated at the end of the brief.

NOTE: You must be current in your safety training to take part in any CAP activities, including SAREX and cadet programs.

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