Latest Awards and Promotions

Tonight’s cadet meeting was cancelled due to weather, but last week five MVCS cadets were recognized with awards, achievements and promotions.

From left to right: ... Photo by 2d Lt. Mark Patrick.
MVCS cadet awardees pose for a photo following the receipt of their new collar devices.  From left to right: C/2d Lt. Sean Callis, C/CMSgt Anith Muthalaly, C/MSgt Kelia Aardema, C/SrA Ethan Smith, C/Amn Nathan McHale. Photo by 2d Lt. Mark Patrick.

C/2d Lt. Callis received the Billy Mitchell Award; C/CMSgt Muthalaly received the Neil Armstrong Achievement; C/MSgt Aardema received the Charles Lindbergh Achievement; C/SrA Smith received the Mary Feik Achievement; and C/Amn Nathan McHale received the Maj. Gen. John F. Curry Achievement.  These awards and achievements are all accompanied by promotions in CAP rank.

Prior to the award ceremony, the squadron began its Safety Blitz and had a special presentation from a former Iraqi Air Force F-1 pilot.  Following is a slide show from the award ceremony.  Parents, siblings, and other friends and family are always invited to participate in these ceremonies (bring your cameras!)