1st Lt Joseph Gruber’s Photo of the Lunar Eclipse Goes Viral

Photo by 1st Lt Joseph Gruber
Lunar eclipse over the U.S. Air Force Memorial on 8 October 2014.
Photo by 1st Lt Joseph Gruber

Our own 1st Lt Joseph Gruber didn’t set out to do anything other than take a cool photo on 8 October 2014, but his handiwork has certainly gained attention.

Gruber’s social media posting led to the Air Force Times picking up the photo along with its parent Military Times.  Click to see the article there.  It was then picked up by CAP’s Volunteer Now.  It certainly helped that the photo was set over the Air Force Memorial.

As the importance of photography increases as part of CAP’s Emergency Services mission, it’s encouraging to see members honing their skills!  You can find plenty of information on CAP’s web site about this part of our mission.  For example, this set of training slides, or this Checklist and Operations Manual for the Nikon D90 Camerat Kit.