Cadet Achievements Recognized

On January 23rd, a number of MVCS superlatives were recognized at a squadron meeting.  Two CyberPatriot teams were recognized.

The MVCS drill team was presented with the National Cadet Competition Ribbon.

Drill Team and sponsors, left to right:  1st Lt Duane Johnson, 2d Lt Lydia Johnson, C/2d Lt Hunter Harlow, C/MSgt Alexander Johnson, C/SrA Jonathan Ruscoe, C/Lt Col Joe Frech, C/Capt Nicholas Johnson, C/1st Lt Thomas Murphy, C/SSgt Madeline Johnson, C/SrA Mary Ruscoe, C/SrA Austin Croy, Capt Joe Frech. Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick

Three cadets were presented the Academic Cord, C/Capt Nicholas Johnson, C/MSgt Alexander Johnson, C/SSgt Madeline Johnson.  Per NATCAP Supplement 1 to CAPR 39-3, “Cadets earning a GPA of 3.5 to 3.9 (or equivalent) will wear a blue and white shoulder cord. Cadets earning a 4.0 GPA or above (or equivalent) will wear a blue and silver shoulder cord.”

MVCS commander 1st Lt Kevin Geiss presents C/SSgt Madeline Johnson with the Wright Brothers Award.  Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick.

In addition to the above, the following achievements and awards were presented:

C/CMSgt Gabriel Abbe (not pictured) received the Neil A. Armstrong Achievement, the fifth achievement in Phase II, “the leadership phase.”

C/SSgt Madeline Johnson was presented with the Wright Brothers Award for successfully completing all Phase I requirements.  Phase I is dubbed, “the learning phase,” upon completion of which cadets move on to Phase II, “the leadership phase.”

C/A1C Marcus Wilson and C/A1C Thad Smith earned the Hap Arnold Achievement.  This is the second of four achievements in Phase I, “the learning phase.”

Cadet Matthew Cox received the Curry Achievement, the first achievement in Phase I.

C/A1C Marcus Wilson and C/A1C Thad Smith earned the Hap Arnold Achievement. Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick.
1st Lt Kevin Geiss, MVCS commander, congratulates Cadet Matthew Cox for receiving the Curry Achievement. Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick.
1st Lt Kevin Geiss, commander of MVCS, congratulates C/Capt James Hildebrand upon his receiving the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon. Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick.

C/Capt James Hildebrand received the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon.  The Recruiter Ribbon is awarded by the unit commander to cadets and senior members in recognition of outstanding efforts to recruit new members for CAP.  It is awarded to cadets who recruit two new qualified cadets or senior members for CAP.