Soaring with Cadets

In addition to the recent soaring MVCS cadets have done, other regions across the country have been gliding through the skies as well.  The October-December issue of Volunteer has a feature article covering all of the fun and learning.  It also discusses the relationship between CAP and the Soaring Society of America (SSA).

The online issue features a superb video about the glider academy conducted by Southeast Region-Georgia Wing-Group III.  You’ll want to read the entire article, but check out the video below for a little inspiration!  (Note:  the volume may be muted at first.  Be sure to turn up the sound for complete enjoyment.)

2 Replies to “Soaring with Cadets”

  1. Fantastic video! Keep up the great coverage of our cadets and senior members in action

    1. Thanks Keith! Appreciate the encouragement and glad you’re enjoying the coverage. Our members have so much going on, it’s hard to keep up! If you have stories or photos you’d like included in our coverage, please send them my way.

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