This Week’s Awards and Promotions


Cadets recognized at MVCS's 25 July 2013 meeting.  Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick.
Cadets recognized at MVCS’s 25 July 2013 meeting. Photo by 2d Lt Mark Patrick. 

Thursday evening at MVCS’s regular meeting, seven cadets were recognized for various achievements.  C/2d Lts Thomas Murphy and Hunter Harlow were presented with the Billy Mitchell Award ribbon and accompanying promotion.  This award marks the end of the enlisted phase of the cadet program.

C/SSgt Alexander Johnson earned the Wright Brothers Award, marking the transition to Non-Commissioned Officer status.

C/SrA Benjamin Youngs was presented with the Mary Feik Achievement ribbon and promotion for successfully completing the specific requirements of Achievement 3 in Phase I of the cadet program, and an Academic Cord.

C/TSgt Jason Arquette was presented the Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement ribbon and accompanying promotion.

C/A1c Madeline Johnson was presented the Hap Arnold Achievement ribbon and promotion.

C/1st Lt James Hildebrand was recognized for completing the requirements for Administrative Officer.