MVCS cadet earns his wings

Lt Col Tom McGrath congratulates C/Lt Col Alexander Fry on earning his private pilot’s license. Photo by Evelyn Fry.


What a way to end your summer off from school.

A Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet from the Mount Vernon Squadron earned his private pilot’s license after completing an instructional flight at Davison Army Airfield (DAA) just before heading off to college.

Cadet Lt. Col. Alexander Fry recently completed his requirements on a flight after working hard this summer with his certified flight instructors CAP Lt. Cols. Tom McGrath and Mark Bailey.

Right after receiving his license, Fry returned to Purdue University where he is a sophomore.

Fry kick-started his pursuit for a pilot’s license while still in high school by attending a summer flight academy with CAP instructors.  Most cadets perform their first solo flight by the end of the academy.

All CAP cadets are eligible for up to five orientation flights in CAP aircraft.