Cadets greeted by CAP national vice commander

Two cadets from the Mt. Vernon Composite Squadron met up with the CAP national vice commander at a local airport after an orientation flight.

Brig. Gen. Joe Vazquez was at the Chesterfield County Airport near Richmond, Va. for another event when the MVCS cadets arrived.

Cadet TSgt Benjamin Geiss and Cadet Dylan Sjostrom had just landed from the first leg of their orientation flight when they encountered Vazquez.

Sjostrom was new to the squadron and on his very first orientation flight.  This was Geiss’ second flight.

Geiss said that he was very motivated after meeting Vazquez and looked forward to cadet day at the CAP National Board where Vazquez would be attending.

“You never know who you’re going to run into at the airfield,” said Vazquez.  “I always like to go by and speak with cadets and aircrew when I see them with the planes.”

Cadet Dylan Sjostrom (left) and Cadet SSgt. Benjamin Geiss (r) stop by for a picture with Brig. Gen Joe Vazquez during a visit to Chesterfield County Airport, Va. Photo by Lt. Col Jeff Geller.