Tragic Loss

I am saddened to report the loss of LtCol Paul R. Gardella on Memorial Day as a result of a tragic aviation accident.  Paul was a former member and Commander of our Squadron.  He loved and strongly supported aviation as much as he did the Civil Air Patrol.  Please join me in extending our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.  Capt John Held

5 Replies to “Tragic Loss”

  1. It is always sad when a pilot dies in this way, and doubly sad when it is someone you know and respect. Although I’m no longer with NATCAP I knew and respected Paul and his loss is a loss to all of us. My condolences to his family and to all who knew him.

  2. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of LtCol Gardella. He meant a lot not only to Civil Air Patrol but also the aviation community. We are thinking of both families and the community.

  3. This accident leaves me at a loss for words. While Lt Col Gardella and I never had much direct interaction, the man was a true professional and a dedicated aviator. He will be missed by many! My condolences not only to his family, but to the family of the other pilot.

  4. Lt Col Gardella was a wonderful friend, great lover of aviation and dedicated to doing all he could for others in the aviation community. He will be missed. My condolences and prayers to his family.

  5. Thoughts and prayers to Paul’s family during this horrible time of loss.

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