NatCap Wing Earns Awards from CAP Middle East Region

Here are the 2011 MER Annual Award Winners from the National Capital Wing:


Brewer Award (Cadet Category): C/Lt Col Michael Poussard

Brewer Award (Senior Category): 2d Lt Samuel Abbe

Cadet NCO of the Year: C/CMSgt Stephon Tonko

Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer: Lt Col JD Ellis

DDR Wing: National Capital Wing


Special congratulations to Mount Vernon Composite Squadron’s own 2d Lt Samuel Abbe.  2d Lt Abbe is a cadet parent as well as a volunteer officer working in cadet programs.

Established 31 Dec 1959, the Brewer award serves as a memorial to Mr. Frank G. Brewer, Sr. and his lifelong interest in aviation, youth, and education. Recognition is given to individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions, out of selfless devotion, to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities. Nominees are evaluated on CAP program support, significance of accomplishment, community involvement, and support of all facets of the aerospace education mission.