Mount Vernon Hosts Cyberwarrior

Col. Max Duggan, U.S. Army, lectures cadets of the Mount Vernon Composite Squadron on cybersecurity topics. Photo by SM Kevin Geiss

More than twenty CAP cadets and volunteer officers of the Mount Vernon Composite Squadron gathered this past Thursday to hear a presentation from Colonel William “Max” Duggan.

Col. Duggan is one of the U.S. Army’s top cyberwarriors and is attached to U.S. Army Cyber Command/U.S. 2nd Army (ARCYBER/2nd Army), Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

ARCYBER/2nd Army stood up in October 2010 as the Army’s component to U.S. Cyber Command, which includes units from all military services.

As the director of operations in the Army Cyber Operations Integration Center, Col. Duggan has a key responsibility to ensure unity of effort in daily network operations and defense of all Army networks.

Col. Duggan provided perspective on the growth of cyberspace as a key area of concern for the U.S. military and our nation. In addition to the traditional domains of air, land, sea, and space, our military must now train a new group of professionals to operate effectively across computer and communications networks.

ARCYBER/2nd Army’s role in the cyber domain is to “Operate, defend, and attack,“ said Col. Duggan.

Col. Duggan discussed how many of the same threats the Army addresses on its networks are faced by each of us in our daily lives. Smart phones, email servers, computer laptops, video game systems, and even networked home appliances can be compromised.

The cyber topic was of particular interest to a group of cadets who participated as a team in this year’s CyberPatriot IV competition.

The Air Force Association created the national CyberPatriot competition to excite, educate, and motivate high school students to become part of the next generation of cyber defenders our nation needs.

During the competition, teams are challenged with detecting and reducing vulnerabilities and network attacks/intrusions while maintaining critical computer services.

CyberPatriot simulates the challenges facing information technology professionals (just like the Army’s cyberwarriors) in defending networks against malware, viruses, and hacker attacks.


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