Cadets Get a Shot at Air Rifles

On January 15 Capt Samuel Abbe hosted a group of Civil Air Patrol cadets at the Izaak Walton League in Centreville, Va., for some expert instruction with competition grade air rifles. Abbe is a cadet parent, a CAP volunteer officer, as well as a top ranked marksman in the U.S. Air Force.

Cadets engaged in a stage of marksmanship training. Photo by SM Kevin T. Geiss

Abbe and IWL staff instructed the cadets about marksmanship fundamentals including shooting positions, techniques and safe operation of the rifles. For many of the cadets, this was their first time shooting a rifle of any kind.

Once the cadets were familiarized with the air rifles on the indoor course, they were able to work on initial marksmanship qualification. To obtain the qualification, each cadet was required to achieve a specific score on the bull’s-eye targets set up 10 meters down range.

“It was fun,” said Cadet Airman First Class Benjamin Geiss. “It was a great opportunity to spend time with [the other cadets] and do something I had never done before – shoot an air rifle.”

Geiss and each of the cadets scored enough points that day to be ranked at the pro-marksman skill level. This ranking is based upon the self-paced Winchester/ National Rifle Association Marksmanship Qualification Program.

Proud cadets gather after completing their marksmanship certification. Photo by SM Kevin T. Geiss